My thoughts about our sister Aayenah Pahuja and about the recent IFFI controversy

As I have also faced some bullying and harsh criticisms in the past, I know how she feels like. Some f*****g people think they are 100% perfect but in-fact they are some f*****g dumb morons actually. And those f*****s start criticising the mistakes of anyone without knowing the actual reason. Hey people, don’t be judgemental and never do negative criticism on anybody without knowing their actual story. >_<

I support you sister. 🙂

If Aayenah Pahuja is seeing this post, I would like to share my tip how I tackled those f*****g morons who bullied me in the past. No matter how much they bullied me, I never let myself down. Of course, for the first few times, I did felt very sad. But once I discovered about myself and what my capabilities are and what things makes me different and unique than them, I felt proud of myself. Indeed, their bullying and negative criticisms made me stronger.

Nowadays, I don’t care what others think about me. That doesn’t mean I do whatever I feels right. I do lend my ears to suggestions and positive criticisms. Based on those suggestions and positive criticisms I make my own opinions. I never downright copy someone’s suggestions entirely. I analyse that suggestion or criticism, compares that to my opinion and makes decision. In most cases, my opinions and decisions proved very accurate and useful than others’. If any mistakes occur, I apologise too.

Here comes the most interesting part. The people who bullied me in the past, often calls for my help for many things nowadays. They now know who I am. 😀

The DD News anchor Aayenah Pahuja tells her version of the story about the IFFI controversy.