DreamHost Promo D0D4C76E

DreamHost Promo Code: Get up-to three free domains for lifetime from DreamHost

DreamHost Promo D0D4C76E

DreamHost Promo D0D4C76E

DreamHost Shared Hosting Promotion: Get 3 Domains Free For Lifetime Along With Hosting

DreamHost Coupon Code: D0D4C76E

Instead of copying the coupon code, you can also click the above link to go directly to DreamHost signup page.

For just 119.40 US$/year at the rate of 9.95 US$/month* (7,475 Rs/year) for the hosting, you’ll get:
  • Unlimited Storage Store as many document as you like on your server.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth – Get truly unmetered bandwidth.
  • SSD Based Storage – SSD (Solid State Drive) offer 200% performance boost than HDDs to load your site almost instantly.
  • Free WHOIS Privacy – Never reveal domain registration private information to anyone. 
  • One Click Installation Support – Install Web Services and Applications very easily which includes popular CMSs like WordPress, Joomla etc.
  • Free IPv6 for every domain hosted – Get ready for the next generation of Internet with IPv6.
  • 10 gb/s (giga bits/second) Connection Speed – Avail up-to blazing fast speed of 1 GB/s (Giga Bytes/second). [Note: gb/s and GB/s values are different. To get Giga Byte (GB) from Giga Bit (gb), divide the value of gb by 10. That means, 10 Giga Bit/10= 1 Giga Byte].
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting – Host as many domains as you like.
  • Unlimited Email Accounts – Create as many email accounts as you like.
  • Unlimited FTP Users – Host as many domains on as many user accounts. No worries!
  • 97 Day Money Back Guarantee – Didn’t like the service?  No worries, you can request your money back.
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee – Thanks to superior Data Centres, your site will never go down.
  • Unlimited 24/7 Support – Want any help? No worries, DreamHost Customer Service Personnel will help you out 24/7.
  • Free Private SSL Secure Server – Get a SSL/TLS cert and include it in your website for free.
  • PHP5 Support – Build your website on-top of latest PHP.
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases – Modern websites run on Databases.
  • 18 years of Trusted Hosting – Started in 1997, it’s been 18 years of trustworthy service.
  • Open-Source – Based on truly open-source technologies.
  • Support for CDNs – CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) like CloudFlare are just an essential part of Internet.
  • Green Hosting Purely Carbon Neutral.

I’m proudly hosting at DreamHost. According to my research, only the DreamHost offers such a low cost solution providing the features of a premium. That doesn’t mean DreamHost is a cheap hosting provider. DreamHost is run by geeks, for geeks. DreamHost is actually a premium hosting provider with 18 years of very successful service and counting.

According to my research, other vendors provide the same solutions offered by DreamHost but at very high rates compared to DreamHost. DreamHost offers its premium hosting solutions for low cost compared to others. That’s what makes DreamHost unique and innovative among others.

For the curious minds, do you know, the free storage platform Ceph, is actually the brainchild of one of the DreamHost founder Sage Weil? Red Hat, Inc. later acquired Inktank for $175 Million. For those who don’t know, Inktank was a professional services and support company for the open source Ceph file system. The company was incubated and initially funded by DreamHost  and later supplemented by Mark Shuttleworth, before it was acquired by Red Hat. Sage Weil is now an employee at Red Hat. 

 DreamHost is run by geeks for geeks. 

Don’t take my words for it. Just research yourself. 

*Footnote: If you’re paying upfront for 2 years, the rate will further reduce to 8.95 US$/month (214.80 US$ for a 2 year term).

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