Word Cloud "Big Data"

Big Data – An analysis into the underlying basic concepts. Layman friendly guide!

Word Cloud "Big Data"

Big Data illustration

Many people have misunderstanding about Big Data. They think it’s something that which beyond understand. Colloquially, the ‘concept’ of ‘Big Data’ itself is a ‘Big Data’ for them! 😀

The concept of Big Data is very much simple.

Actually, Big Data is not a new term or a new concept. Actually, that concept was there since many years ago even before the concept of modern computing.

In computing, if we say in simple terms, big data means, some (raw) data which is so big that it can’t be easily turned into processed data!

Assume, a person 1 (we can call him P1) have 160 GB of Hard Disk in his computer. Friend of his, (we can call him Person 2 or P2), came to his house to share 500 GB of movies and other data. Recall, P1 only has 160 GB of HDD. But P2 have 500 GB of HDD. So, P2 can’t share his entire 500 GB of data into 160 GB of HDD. We can call this data processing. That is according to this example, copying raw data to another medium, is another instance of data processing.

That’s a simple case.

Let’s look forward into bigger cases.

For instance, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and many other companies might be able to generate PBs (Peta Bytes) of data per day. That’s a very much ‘Big Data’ for anyone even though storage mediums are becoming so cheap. And to process such huge data, they need Data Scientists to dig into the raw data, process it and retrieve only the useful data.

That’s all about computing! If we look at our non-computer dependent daily life, we could see some instances of big data there too.

Assume a student is studying in high school. He’s very much lazy and he does not do his homework and study the lessons taught in the class in a regular way. After a few months, board exams arrived. Only just a few days ahead of board exams, he decided to study. The moment he opened all those notebooks and text books, he suddenly might feel, it’s all a ‘Big Data’ for him.

That’s what Big Data is.

In other words, Big Data is nothing but some unprocessed raw data which is quite hard to store or process which is beyond ones’ usual capability.

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