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Hello there,

I’m Robin Mathew Rajan from Kerala, India – A 27 year old Serial Entrepreneur, Philosopher, Founder and co-owner of TechnoGeeks International, Seeker of Truth and Wisdom, Vedic Science Researcher, Extrovert, Blogger, Open-source Enthusiast, System Admin, Security Analyst, Gender Equality Activist, Content Developer, IT Consultant, Occasional Wikipedia Editor, Aspiring Chef, Amateur Photographer, Amateur Defense Analyst, Theology and Spirituality Researcher, Psychology Researcher, Medical Researcher, Economics Researcher, Agro-Geo Researcher, Cryptography Researcher, Electronics Researcher, Robotics Researcher, IoT Researcher, Physics and Astrophysics Researcher, Technology Geek with ENTP personality type and also a good human being. And more recently, I’m about to direct a short film as well. I’m a multi-talented person. I’ve interests in so many topics around the Universe and beyond the Universe.

I’m searching for a geek girl to date/marry. No problems about religion or ethnicity. I don’t give much importance to religion and ethnicity. I believe in humanity. Age from 18-37.

I’m an entrepreneur too. I’ve lots of entrepreneurial ideas but lack resources. However, I’m going forward with two projects although there’s lack of resources. I’ve couple of other ideas too. I’m searching for a good business partner to make those ideas into a beautiful reality. Contact me through entrepreneurship@robinmathewrajan.com

Some people who read my profile think that I’m weird. If you’re thinking that I’m weird, I won’t blame you, you’re right. I’m weird. I would rephrase it as ‘being different’. All scientists are weird for the public eyes. Deal with it. But if you get to know me, you’ll know that I’m very simple. 🙂

If you consider me as the right person to date/marry, get to know me first. Just email or telephone me.
proposals@robinmathewrajan.com, +91 9995 852 416

Innovative and creative thinking (thinking outside the box) is one of my key strengths. I always try to be original of what I’m. Thanks to HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), I’m open-minded, honest, loyal, simple, daring, adventurous, friendly, caring, kind and straight-forward person.
Research in Wikipedia about HSP’s further characteristics: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highly_sensitive_person#Attributes_and_characteristics

My other personality traits includes: high attention to detail, avoidance of risk, careful planning, exaggerated sense of responsibility etc.

Having said all that, my personality type is ENTP with well developed ‘Ti’, ‘Fe’ and ‘Si’ cognitive functions.

Are you simply wondering what is ENTP?
Well, ENTP is one of the 16 MBTI personality types (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). ENTPs account for only about 2-5% of the world population. That makes it as one of the rarest personality types on earth.

More about my personality type!
ENTPs fall into the categories of thinkers, rationals, and engineers. Additionally, we are frequently described as clever, cerebrally and verbally quick, enthusiastic, outgoing, innovative, flexible, loyal, and resourceful. We’re described also as, the Innovator, the Originator, the Lawyer, the Debater, the Inventor, the Explorer, and the Visionary.

From the Wikipedia:
“The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. These preferences were extrapolated by Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers from the typological theories proposed by Carl Gustav Jung, and first published in his 1921 book Psychological Types (English edition, 1923). Jung theorized that there are four principal psychological functions by which we experience the world: sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking. One of these four functions is dominant most of the time.”


Myers-Briggs personality type chart

A chart with descriptions of each Myers-Briggs personality type as well as instructions for how to determine one’s type. This image is used with permission from the author Jake Beech under the license CC-by-SA 3.0. Attribution link: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:MyersBriggsTypes.png

In other words, MBTI personality types are all about psychology which helps in determining one’s character.

Additionally, personality types does great job in matrimonial match making process and also in determining one’s characteristics.

All personality types are good. Each personality type has its own strengths and weaknesses. The point of MBTI and all other similar tests is that, to generate self-realization about the strengths and weaknesses of our own character, in-order to be a better individual.

Research more about my personality type.

ENTP: http://www.truity.com/personality-type/ENTP

To determine your personality type, you need to go through MBTI basics:
Follow the links in that web-page and make a rough idea about which personality type you are.

Carry forward and do this test: http://www.truity.com/test/type-finder-research-edition

After completing that test, do this one too: http://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

When completing those tests, you now might be able to determine your personality type.

Requesting proposals from like-minded enlightened geek ladies from anywhere around the world.

If interested, contact me through proposals@robinmathewrajan.com or robinmathewrajan@yahoo.com

PS: I don’t drink or smoke.

Skype ID: robinmathewrajan

My portfolio: https://robinmathewrajan.com/

E-Mail: robinmathewrajan@yahoo.com, mail@robinmathewrajan.com, proposals@robinmathewrajan.com

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