The Free Software Song – written by Richard Stallman

I’m now listening to the Free Software Song written by Richard Stallman and performed by Mark Forry, Yvette Osborne, Ron Fox, Steve Finney, Bill Cope, Kip McAtee, Ernie Provencher and Dan Auvil!
Performing style: Traditional Bulgarian folk song
Size: 3.35 MiB
File format: Ogg Vorbis

An instrumental version is also available which is performed on Piano by Markus Haist.
Size: 1.16 MiB
File format: Ogg Vorbis

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My thoughts about our sister Aayenah Pahuja and about the recent IFFI controversy

As I have also faced some bullying and harsh criticisms in the past, I know how she feels like. Some f*****g people think they are 100% perfect but in-fact they are some f*****g dumb morons actually. And those f*****s start criticising the mistakes of anyone without knowing the actual reason. Hey people, don’t be judgemental and never do negative criticism on anybody without knowing their actual story. >_<

I support you sister. 🙂

If Aayenah Pahuja is seeing this post, I would like to share my tip how I tackled those f*****g morons who bullied me in the past. No matter how much they bullied me, I never let myself down. Of course, for the first few times, I did felt very sad. But once I discovered about myself and what my capabilities are and what things makes me different and unique than them, I felt proud of myself. Indeed, their bullying and negative criticisms made me stronger.

Nowadays, I don’t care what others think about me. That doesn’t mean I do whatever I feels right. I do lend my ears to suggestions and positive criticisms. Based on those suggestions and positive criticisms I make my own opinions. I never downright copy someone’s suggestions entirely. I analyse that suggestion or criticism, compares that to my opinion and makes decision. In most cases, my opinions and decisions proved very accurate and useful than others’. If any mistakes occur, I apologise too.

Here comes the most interesting part. The people who bullied me in the past, often calls for my help for many things nowadays. They now know who I am. 😀

The DD News anchor Aayenah Pahuja tells her version of the story about the IFFI controversy.



The Myth & Truth about Retina Displays (Myth Buster Series)

There’s no such thing as a specific device for ‘Retina Display’. Actually, every display whether it’s CRT, LCD or OLED are retina displays if it’s kept some distance from eyes till the ‘Pixels’ are not seen by human eyes. In other words, once the individual can’t be seen by our eyes, that display is a Retina Display.

Usually we hold our Mobile Devices closer to our eyes than other displays. And such displays used in high end Mobile Devices are made in such a ways that Pixels are very tiny than other displays when kept some distance from eye.

For example,

CRT Monitor > Eyes at a distance of 5 CM > Individual Pixels can be seen > Not a Retina Display

High end display (say OLED) > Eyes at a distance of 5 CM > Individual Pixels can’t be seen > Is a Retina Display

Notes: In first case, the CRT monitor is not a Retina Display because the Pixels can be seen. Whereas the OLED monitor is a Retina Display because it’s Pixels can’t be seen.

Let’s take the same example in other way.

Example 2

CRT Monitor > Eyes at a distance of 30 CM > Individual Pixels can’t be seen > Is a Retina Display

High end display (say OLED) > Eyes at a distance of 5 CM > Individual Pixels can’t be seen > Is a Retina Display

Note: Notice the changes in first example & the second example.

In short: The term ‘Retina Display’ is just a marketing term to denote the images look sharper than ever before even the screen is hold in-front of eyes so close.

Copyright: Text is licensed to Robin Mathew Rajan under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit

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Vuze – A highly advanced and customisable cross-platform BitTorrent client!

For uTorrent, BitTorrent and other torrent client users, try Vuze. It’s much more advanced, feature rich, easy to use cross-platform client with good GUI. And what’s more, it’s free and open source too. Just give Vuze a try.

It’s a Java application. You must install Java on your machine before you start using it.

Advanced users might want to install ‘Mainline DHT’ plugin for Vuze for even better download speeds.

For those who don’t know, Mainline DHT plugin integrates the DHT protocol used in uTorrent and BitTorrent to Vuze. Vuze has its own DHT feature. But that DHT is incompatible with uTorrent/BitTorrent clients. With this plugin, you can have both types of DHT in one single client! It’s another feature that I love in Vuze. There are lots of useful features like this in Vuze.

Update: Nowadays, Azureus Software, Inc. the makers of Vuze, gives out web-installer through their website for Windows users. If you want a standalone installer, visit their project hosting page at SourceForge.

SourceForge highlights the web-installer under the headline ‘Looking for the latest version?’. Don’t choose it. Instead, browse the folders and choose the installer with file size 5 MiB or above.

The benefits of choosing standalone installer over a web-installer is already discussed in my previous Google Chrome post at here:

This information was originally posted on November 7, 2012 in my facebook wall.

Computer Hardware Chart [Xprt]

This high resolution (4320×6120) PNG image chart features almost all types of Computer Hardware Peripherals and Ports.

A must have for all Technology Enthusiasts!

Download Size: 24 MB

Download from KickAssTorrents:

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RTI (Right to Information) Anonymous- File your RTI petitions anonymously.

Yes, Indians can now file RTI (Right to Information) petitions online as anonymous, without even leveraging security.

All you need to do is to send an email regarding the problem you are facing to RTI Anonymous. Since you have a ‘Right To Information’ to know why have you been kept waiting in a particular government department for your work to be processed. The best part is this, while applying for the RTI your Identity won’t be revealed and you will get all the information required mailed at your email ID.

Few things might be still wondering in your minds!

What are the consequences after filing the RTI in normal way?

Once you file a RTI against any government officials there are chances of many threats. I am not demotivating you, but to give a rough idea of the things which often happen in real scenario. Read the space to get the full details of filling a RTI anonymously.

“There is no protection for the common man who files an RTI application. There are so many school teachers who have been killed across the country for seeking information via RTI, reducing RTI to a complete sham since there is no protection offered. An RTI activist was killed earlier this month in Hyderabad itself and almost 350 people have been killed so far in barbaric manner to discourage others from using RTI. It is only a law on paper because the law does not work to offer protection barring the Whistleblower’s Act. There is no serious move to protect those who use RTI. RTI deaths is one of the worst sagas in history of India. True freedom is the ability of a common man to bring a sea change in system.” – Filmmaker Mani Shankar

What is the Role of RTI Anonymous?

This brings your safety when it comes to RTI Act. In RTI Anonymous you need to send an online petition to This Anonymous community takes the rest of the charge. When they get the proper response from the government officials they will get back to you with a scanned copy of the report. This makes your work more simpler and easy.

Quick Steps for what you need to do:

  • Login to Getup4Change at
  • Submit your Username and Email ID, within few minutes you will receive a mail with the password.
  • Now, login and submit your query with proper document.
  • The RTI Anonymous community volunteers gets into action and makes the proper moves by consulting various authorities and submits the request.
  • After getting the response from the government officials, RTI Anonymous groups forwards the required details to you.
  • Thus, makes your Identity as Anonymous.



This information was originally posted at September 16, 2012 on my facebook wall.